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Avoid Grease Trap from Smelling

Grease Trap Cleaning Company in West Michigan

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning is a mandatory, routine procedure, needed to ensure the safety of the cooking areas of restaurants and other facilities such as hospitals that have cooking areas.  Self-cleaning is never a good option, and dangerous without the correct equipment and protective gear.  Safety for workers is of paramount importance – this service is best left to the professionals at West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain Service!

For a busy restaurant, grease trap cleaning is recommended at least every 6 weeks, and closer to every 4th week is preferable.  Local regulations may also apply to a facility’s plan for cleaning grease traps.  A popular restaurant should not risk shutting down due to an unmaintained grease trap, which will cause clogging and back-up in the sewage system.  Leave the work to us – we’ll keep your grease traps clean and functioning safely as per any regulatory requirements!  Contact us today!

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Kimberly Pastor Happy Client

I will only use this company. I called today around 130 and they were at my house within the hour. Explained why my system was clogged and how to try and prevent it from happening again. Very professional, and the pricing compared to other companies is amazing.

Joe K Happy Client

A true professional was who showed up at our house. My job in comparison to many was relatively simple (Clogged drain pipe), but not only did he take the time to show me exactly why it had clogged (a drain pipe wye), he took a picture of where it was located in the crawlspace. With…

Teresa Gomez Zavitz-Jones Happy Client

This company was fantastic. They showed up hours ahead of schedule; the technician was very friendly and knowledgeable and the pricing was very reasonable. $130 less than the next lowest quote. I’m happy to say there are no longer turds swimming in my bathtubs

Anthony Clark Happy Client

Had an issue with a clogged kitchen sink drain and would highly recommend WMDSD! TJ was on time, very professional, and friendly -especially for working a busy Saturday evening! Great job and will call them again in a heartbeat!